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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Peter Rysavy has published more than 190 articles, papers, and reports.

2021 (5G, Global Competition, Mid-Band Spectrum, CBRS, C-Band,
Spectrum Sharing)

No Magic Spectrum Sharing Solutions. Article for Fierce Wireless analyzing DOD RFI responses for dynamic spectrum sharing and implications for spectrum policy. 2021.

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5G Mid-Band Spectrum Deployment. Report analyzing the impact of different spectrum rules, such as those for CBRS and C-band, on deployment of 5G networks. 2021.

2020 (5G, Global Competition, Spectrum, Spectrum Sharing, Rural Broadband, AI, O-RAN, Edge Computing, C-V2X, Architecture, Industrial IoT)

DoD’s Proposed 5G Spectrum Sharing Fraught with Problems. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining the multiple problems associated with the Department of Defense’s proposed 5G spectrum sharing plan. 2020.

Global 5G: Rise of a Transformational Technology. Detailed report published by 5G Americas on 5G capabilities through Release 17, further evolution through 2020s, performance, architecture, edge computing, O-RAN, C-V2X, AI integration, DSS, network slicing, industrial IoT, spectrum, and more. 2020.

Latest Tech Aims to Solve Riddle for Rural Broadband. Article for Fierce Wireless on how wireless technology can provide rural broadband and help close the digital divide. 2020.

6 GHz Should Be Allocated for Both Licensed and Unlicensed Applications. Article for Light Reading arguing that at a time when midband spectrum for 5G is critical, 6 GHz should be split between licensed and unlicensed. 2020.

2019 (5G, Wireless Network Capacity, Global Competition, Small Cells, Software-Defined Networking, Spectrum, Net Neutrality, Virtualization)

5G Network Planning—Capacity, Performance, Wireline Competitiveness. Report analyzing network planning, capacity, and performance of wireline and wireless technologies, including 4G, 5G, cable (DOCSIS), cable in the future, and fiber. 2019.

Virtualization Will Transform the Wireless Industry. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining that software-defined networking and network-function virtualization in 5G will transform the wireless industry by accelerating new services, enabling AI integration, and helping secure the vendor supply chain. 2019

Global 5G: Implications of a Transformational Technology. Detailed report published by 5G Americas on 5G capabilities and wireless technology evolution through 2030. 2019. (Later version available.)

How Title II Net Neutrality Undermines 5G.  Report published by Rysavy Research on how Title II network neutrality undermines 5G and U.S. global competitiveness. 2019.

How the ‘Save the Internet’ Act Breaks 5G.  How the ‘Save the Internet’ Act Breaks 5G. Article for Bloomberg explaining how 5G depends on traffic prioritization to support a myriad of new use cases. 2019.

Bad Idea of Nationalized 5G Network Put to Rest. Article for Fierce Wireless about the multitude of problems with a nationalized 5G network. 2019.

Untangling C-band for a New Broadband Future. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining the crucial role 3.7 to 4.2 GHz (C-Band) will play for 5G and the need to allocate at least 300 MHz of spectrum to be globally competitive. 2019.

2018 (Rural Broadband, CBRS, 5G, LTE, Small Cells, Spectrum)

Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape. Second edition report published by Datacomm Research on how 5G will compete with wireline networks, analyzing key variables such as density and spectral efficiency, calculating capacity per sq. km., and showing the quantitative evolution path for both wireless and wireline networks. 2018 version also analyzes costs, business models, and mid-band 5G deployment. Separate capacity model available that analyzes 5G vs. DOCSIS. 2018. Press release here.

LTE to 5G: The Global Impact of Wireless Innovation. In-depth report published by 5G Americas on the global launch of 5G, details of 5G radio, architecture, use cases, and performance, and how 5G integrates with LTE. 2018. (Later version available.) Press release here.

Mid-Band Spectrum for 5G Needed Now.  Article for Fierce Wireless about the important role of mid-band spectrum for 5G. 2018.

Small Cells – Suddenly Essential. Article for RCR Wireless about how small cells are becoming essential to the future of the wireless industry. 2018.

How 5G Will Solve Rural Broadband. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining how advances in 4G LTE and in 5G will make wireless an increasingly effective solution for rural broadband. 2018.

2017 (Broadband Transformation, 5G, LTE, Network Neutrality)

​The Power of Wireless Broadband. Report on the ever-greater role of wireless technology, including mobile, fixed, and satellite, in providing broadband internet service. 2017.

Why 5G Will Be a Game Changer. Article for Fierce Wireless about how 5G using mmWave will leapfrog over the capabilities of today’s fiber coaxial networks to transform the competitive landscape. 2017. (See related article by Ira Brodsky, Which 5G path leads to robust growth for mobile operators?​)

LTE to 5G: Cellular and Broadband Innovation. Report published by 5G Americas on the acceleration of 5G, early details on 5G radio, architecture, and performance, and how 5G will integrate with LTE. 2017. (Later version available.) Press release here.​

Declaration of Peter Rysavy. ​​​Exhibit to CTIA Comments​ to Federal Communications Commission, WC Docket No. 17-108, Restoring Internet Freedom. 2017.

How “Title II” Net Neutrality Undermines 5G. Article for RCR Wireless that summarizes the report below on how 4G and 5G need to employ quality-of-service mechanisms to address emerging use cases. 2017.​

How “Title II” Net Neutrality Undermines 5G. Report that explains how 4G and 5G need to employ quality-of-service mechanisms to address emerging use cases, and how these are undermined by current net neutrality rules. 2017.

2016 (5G, LTE, LAA, LTE-U, IoT, 3.5 GHz, White Spaces)

Accelerating Innovation in Unlicensed Spectrum.​ Article for Fierce Wireless about recent industry developments with LTE-U and License Assisted Access (LAA), and how these technologies will impact wireless networking. 2016.

IoT & 5G: Wait or Move?  Report published by Channel Partners (Informa) about IoT capabilities planned for 5G, expected timeframes, and how LTE is gaining IoT capabilities in advance of 5G. 2016.

Mobile Broadband Transformation.​ Report published by 5G Americas on the transformation of the wireless industry as it transitions from 4G to 5G, highlighting 5G development, capabilities, and deployment. 2016. (Later version available.)

Analyst Angle: 3.5 GHz and 5G – Learning from the TV White Space Debacle. Article for RCR Wireless about the limited success of TV white space networks and how lessons learned should apply to 3.5 GHz and 5G bands. 2016.

Scary Experimentation at 3.5 GHz​. Article for High Tech Forum about the challenges of the ambitious plan the FCC has for the 3.5 GHz band with three tiers of service and a Spectrum Access System. 2016.

Threading the Spectrum Needle – Can LTE and Wi-Fi Coexist?​ Article in FirerceWireless about how the industry can solve co-existence challenges of LTE operating in unlicensed bands. 2016.

2015 (5G, LTE, AWS-3 Spectrum, Quality of Service)

Analyst Angle: 5G Promises and Pitfalls​. Article for RCR on the  opportunity that 5G represents but how it could be undermined by spectrum policy and open Internet rules that block many new uses cases. 2015.

LTE and 5G Innovation: Igniting Mobile Broadband.​  Report published by 4G Americas on latest developments in LTE-Advanced, 5G, Wi-Fi, spectrum, cellular-unlicensed integration, smalls cells, LTE for public safety, and more. 2015. (Later version available.)

Latest FCC Auction Shatters Spectrum Myths. Article for Gigaom about how the AWS-3 auction shatters myths about the lower value of higher-band spectrum and that infrastructure or technology investment can replace spectrum. 2015.

LTE Congestion Management – Enabling Innovation and Improving the Consumer Experience.​  Report for Mobile Future explaining the relationship between quality-of-service control and congestion management. FCC filing here.​ 2015.

2014 (Neutrality, 5G, LTE, Wireless 911, LTE-U, Wi-Fi, Spectrum, Efficiency)

​​​​Mobile Broadband Networks Should Not Be Hampered by Net Neutrality Constraints​.​Article for Fierce Wireless arguing that because one fiber strand has 2000 times the capacity of all mobile broadband spectrum, wireless and wireline networks practically operate in parallel universes. 2014.

How Wireless is Different – ​Considerations for the Open Internet Rulemaking. Report for Mobile Future explaining the vast differences between wireless and wireline networks and the adverse consequences of rules that might treat them the same. 2014.

Beyond LTE: Enabling the Mobile Broadband Explosion. Report published by 4G Americas on LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G, Wi-Fi. Report includes market developments, capabilities, architecture, standards, evolution, spectrum, and spectral efficiency. 2014. (Later version available.)

How Beacons and Bluetooth Can Help Us Get to the Best Possible Wireless 911.​ Article for Gigaom about an approach that will provide responders with a dispatchable address rather than approximate coordinates. 2014.

Will LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum Unlock a Vast Store of Mobile Broadband Capacity?​Article for MIMO World about the capabilities and considerations of using LTE in unlicensed bands. 2014.​

How will 5G compare to fiber, cable or DSL? Article for Fierce Wireless that projects 5G capabilities and compares them with wireline alternatives. 2014.

Mobile Broadband Networks of the Future. Rysavy Research infographic. 2014.

It’s Time for a Rational Perspective on Wi-Fi. Article for Gigaom about the strengths and weaknesses of Wi-Fi and how mobile broadband needs both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. 2014.

Meeting Mobile Demand with a Combination of Spectrum Alternatives. Article for IEEE Wireless Communications about the role of different spectrum bands in satisfying mobile broadband demand. Full issue here. 2014.

Complexities of Spectrum Sharing – How to Move Forward. Report published by Mobile Future about the current state of play of spectrum sharing, including technology and policy developments. 2014.

Canadian 700 MHz Auction: Analysis of Results. Analysis of the auction that concluded February 2014 in Canada to show the resulting competitive positions of different operators. 2014.

Challenges and Considerations in Defining Spectrum Efficiency. Article for Proceedings of the IEEE (Volume 102, Issue 3) that examines the many ways to assess the efficiency of spectrum use and the various metrics used by industry and government. IEEE version here. 2014.

The High and Wide Future of Radio. Column for Fierce Wireless about how the greatest gains in capacity and throughput will occur in wide radio channels at high frequencies, including mmWave bands. 2014.

Value of High-Band Spectrum in a Capacity-Strained Environment. Rysavy Research infographic. 2014.

2013 (Policy, IoT, LTE, 3G, Spectrum, Mobile Commerce, White Space)

Uncertain Government Spectrum Policies Have Far-Reaching Consequences. Article for Bloomberg BNA Insights examining the engineering and wireless network consequences of uncertain government spectrum policies. 2013.

Who Owns the Internet of Things? Column for Fierce Wireless co-authored with Chris Rezendes on the question of who owns the data generated by Machine to Machine (M2M)/Internet of Things. 2013.

Mobile Broadband Explosion – The 3GPP Wireless Evolution. Fully updated detailed report for 4G Americas on the capabilities and evolution of 3G to 4G technologies. 2013. (Later version available.)

Learn How Technology Will Turn Less Desirable Airwaves into “Beachfront” Spectrum. Article for Gigaom explaining how technology will benefit higher-frequency spectrum in the future. 2013.

Efficiency of Spectrum Use. “Industry Voices” column for Fierce Wireless explaining different measures of efficiency of spectrum use. 2013.

2013 Mobile Commerce Survey. Survey and report for Information Week about how businesses are prioritizing and going about implementing mobile commerce solutions. 2013.

Trends in Enterprise Cellular Network Data Usage. Survey and report developed in conjunction with NetMotion Wireless analyzing the importance of cellular data to businesses and the most frequently encountered issues. 2013.

White Spaces Networks Are Not “Super” Nor Even Wi-Fi. Article for Gigaom analyzing the use of 600 MHz unlicensed spectrum for white-space networks versus LTE. 2013.

Mobile Commerce: State of the Market. Report for Information Week about the most recent and important developments with mobile commerce. 2013.

Vehicles and Mobility Are Converging but Fragmentation, Lack of Standards May Hinder Progress. Column for Fierce Wireless about the status of the industry for connected vehicles. 2013.

2012 (LTE, 4G, 3G, Sharing, Spectrum)

4G: Carriers, IT Pros Square Off. Report for Information Week on latest 4G developments and directions, including exclusive research of 230 IT professionals and 68 carriers providing 4G services. 2012.

Spectrum – All Options Essential, Including Incentive Auctions. Blog for High Tech Forum explaining why all avenues must be pursued to expand mobile-broadband capacity. 2012.

Spectrum Sharing with LTE is Conceivable but Not Trivial. Article for Fierce Wireless about how LTE could operate in spectrum-sharing scenarios and the issues involved. 2012.

4G World: The Need For More Spectrum. Column for Information Week summarizing the challenging spectrum situation as covered at the 4G World conference in Chicago. 2012.

Spectrum Sharing Opens a Potential Attack Route. Article for Gigaom about how spectrum sharing raises security concerns because compromised user devices or databases could result in denial-of-service for primary government systems. 2012.

No Silver Bullets for FCC, NTIA Spectrum Challenge. Article for Bloomberg BNA on the challenges facing the industry and government in allocating, managing, and sharing spectrum. 2012.

Mobile Broadband Explosion. The 3GPP Wireless Evolution. Fully updated detailed report for 4G Americas on the capabilities and evolution of 3G to 4G technologies. 2012. (Later version available.)

Spectrum Sharing – The Promise and The Reality. Paper for Mobile Future on the different types of available spectrum-sharing approaches and the varying levels of complexity. 2012.

Mobile Network Design and Deployment: How Incumbent Operators Plan for Technology Upgrades and Related Spectrum Needs. Report on the complexities of deploying new wireless technologies and associated spectrum. 2012.

Low Versus High Radio Spectrum. Blog for HighTech Forum on the pros and cons of different frequencies for wireless network deployment. 2012.

LTE: Huge Technology, Huge Challenges. Report for Information Week on the impressive capabilities of LTE and LTE-Advanced, as well as the challenges this technology faces. 2012.

Wireless Spectrum Doomsday Looms. Column for Information Week about the looming spectrum shortage and its consequences. 2012.

2011 (LTE, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Spectrum, Application Mobilization, Smartphones)

Unleashing the Wireless Power of Long-Term Evolution: Spectrum, and Lots of It. Article for Bloomberg BNA describing LTE as the wireless communications platform of this decade, but how its full potential will not be realized without sufficient spectrum. 2011.

Convergence of 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. Report for InformationWeek on latest trends in offloading traffic from 3G/4G onto Wi-Fi. 2011.

Comments on Citi “Wireless Supply and Demand.” Analysis of a report issued by Citi on wireless spectrum demand. 2011.

Mobile Broadband Explosion. 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced (4G). Updated detailed report for 4G Americas on the capabilities and evolution of 3G to 4G technologies. 2011. (Later version available.)

Public Safety Spectrum. Rysavy Research analysis of the need to allocate 700 MHz D Block spectrum to Public Safety. 2011.

Efficient Use of Spectrum. Report sponsored by CTIA on efficient use of spectrum, filed with the FCC. 2011.

The Spectrum Imperative. Report sponsored by Mobile Future. Mobile Broadband Spectrum and its Impacts for U.S. Consumers and the Economy. An Engineering Analysis. 2011.

Application Mobilization. Report for Information Week on latest trends in application mobilization, including effect of HTML5 and faster networks, and considerations in developing for new smartphone and tablet platforms. Also includes results of survey of 693 business technology professionals. 2011.

Smartphone Efficiency Report. Report that compares the efficiency in bytes communicated using different smartphone platforms, examining applications such as e-mail, Web browsing, instant messaging and social networking. 2011.

2010 (Network Management, Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, Spectrum, Smartphones, Neutrality)

Innovation Enabled by Mobile Wireless Network Management. Report sponsored by Mobile Future, filed with the FCC. 2010.

Strategic Use of Wi-Fi in Mobile Broadband Networks. Report on how mobile operators can use Wi-Fi strategically for much more than just data offload. 2010.

Transition to 4G. 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced (4G). Updated detailed report for 3G Americas on the capabilities and evolution of 3G to 4G technologies. 2010. (Later version available.)

Spectrum Shortfall Consequences. Analysis written for CTIA and filed with the FCC on the consequences of not obtaining sufficient spectrum for the wireless industry, considering both technical and marketing aspects. 2010.

Beyond Smartphones. Article for Information Week on latest developments with new mobile platforms such as netbooks, smartbooks, and mobile Internet devices. Includes discussion of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi versus cellular. 2010.

Mobile Broadband Capacity Constraints And the Need for Optimization. Detailed report on the capacity constraints of today’s mobile-broadband networks and the need for optimization. 2010.

Net Neutrality Regulatory Proposals: Operational and Engineering Implications for Wireless Networks and the Consumers They Serve. Report sponsored by Mobile Future, filed with the FCC. 2010.


The 2.6 GHz Spectrum Band – Unique Opportunity to Realize Global Mobile Broadband. Report published by GSMA with Peter Rysavy providing the technology analysis on how best to manage the 2.6 GHz band. 2009.

The Mobile Web Imperative. Article for Information Week. Current approaches to deploying different mobile-application architectures and the trade-offs between them, including native versus Web approaches. 2009.

Spectrum Crisis? Cover story for Information Week. As wireless becomes a bigger part of enterprise architectures, CIOs must understand the limits of today’s network. 2009.

HSPA to LTE-Advanced. 3GPP Broadband Evolution to IMT-Advanced (4G). Detailed report for 3G Americas on the capabilities and evolution of 3G to 4G technologies. 2009. (Later version available.)

3G Security. Report for Information Week on the security features offered by 3G networks, and vulnerabilities businesses need to address in using mobile broadband. 2009.

Mobile Broadband Spectrum Demand. Report commissioned by CTIA on the rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband services and resulting spectrum impacts. Released at CTIA Wireless March 31, 2009.

Femtocells Suit Up For Work. Enterprise service draws nearer, but cost and integration issues remain. A look at the emergence of femtocells and their application in business environments. 2009.

Wireless E-Mail Efficiency Assessment. A white paper that reports on detailed tests comparing the networking efficiency of different wireless e-mail systems, and that examines the implications for users and operators. This is an update of a report initially published in 2006 and then updated in April 2008. Published 2009.


HSUPA Gets Uploads Almost Up To Download Speeds. Article that explains the high-speed uplink capability now available on UMTS networks. HSUPA not only increases speed, but decreases latency. 2008.

EDGE, HSPA and LTE – Broadband Innovation. A detailed white paper published by 3G Americas on the innovations that have delivered capabilities on a global scale never previously achieved. Paper includes information on capabilities, evolution and competitive position of EDGE, HSPA and LTE technologies. Includes performance and spectral efficiency comparisons. 2008. (Later version available.)

Broadband Innovation. White paper for AT&T on applications for new broadband networks. 2008.

Code of the Road. Article for Information Week on new mobile application architectures, including Web 2.0, mobile AJAX, Java evolution, mobile middleware and synchronizations solutions. 2008.

Emerging Mobile Application Architectures. White paper for AT&T covering service-oriented architecture (SOA), Web services, Java ME, Mobile Web 2.0, AJAX, mobile mash-ups, Adobe solutions, Microsoft Silverlight, and synchronization platforms. 2008.

Global Mobile. Figuring out the 3G and 4G connectivity market is only slightly easier than learning to speak Swahili. But the rewards of providing nomadic employees with broadband connectivity make the effort worthwhile. Information Week, 2008.

GPS Test Report. A test report that compares GPS performance of different handheld devices, examining both cached and extended ephemeris approaches. 2008.

Mobile Application Development Quick Start Guide. Rysavy Research wrote this detailed white paper, published by AT&T, on the latest developments in mobile application development, the leading development environments, and developer strategies. 2008.

Wireless Data Efficiency. A presentation given at the Mobile Explosion conference on a detailed engineering study that compares the e-mail efficiency, as well as battery efficiency of different wireless e-mail platforms. 2008.


Harnessing Mobile Middleware. A white paper written for AT&T that analyzes the functions provided by modern mobile middleware solutions, and summarizes capabilities from leading vendors. 2007.

Security Requirements for Wireless Networking. A white paper that examines security requirements for sensitive applications, available operator provisions, and effective approaches that address security on an end-to-end basis. 2007.

Mobile Application Development Best Practices. Rysavy Research co-wrote this white paper, published by AT&T, that presents strategies, considerations, and techniques for effective mobile application development. 2007.

EDGE, HSPA, LTE: The Mobile Broadband Advantage. A detailed white paper published by 3G Americas on the capabilities, evolution and competitive position of EDGE, HSPA and LTE technologies. Includes performance and spectral efficiency comparisons. 2007. (Later version available.)

Columns. Peter Rysavy wrote a column for Network Computing’s Mobile Observer, a weekly e-mail newsletter that focused on wireless networking developments. Included are other columns for a total of 58 columns. 2005 to 2007.

Reach Me If You Can. A comprehensive analysis of industry directions with respect to mobile application architecture, and how major independent software vendors are going about supporting different mobile platforms, including laptops and smartphones. Network Computing, 2007.

Breaking the Gray Flannel Ceiling. Developments in mobile instant messaging for enterprise usage. Network Computing, 2007.

Mobile Phone Evolution: Critical Answers for the Next $100 Billion in Sales. A project description for multiple companies to participate in an in-depth investigation conducted jointly by Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research. The research characterized and analyzed mobile phone evolution, focusing on the ability of different core technologies to serve increasingly complex application and networking requirements. This project was concluded in May 2007.

Mobile Linux Puzzle – Coming Together. An assessment of the state of mobile Linux, including key standardization efforts and device availability. Network Computing, 2007.


Wireless Email Efficiency Assessment. Comparison of RIM BlackBerry and Microsoft Direct Push. 2006.

Mobile Broadband: EDGE, HSPA & LTE. Published by 3G Americas, this paper provides an in-depth explanation of how technologies such as EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+, LTE function, and their competitive position with respect to technologies such as EV-DO and WiMAX. 2006. (Later version available.)

Time to Decide. Enterprise users are demanding mobile broadband, but the complexity has many IT managers confused. This cover story for Network Computing explains to IT managers how to evaluate rapidly improving 3G technologies. 2006.

Wireless Network Assessment, EVDO and Wi-Fi Hotspots. A detailed test report on the relative performance of CDMA2000 EVDO and Wi-Fi hotspots. 2006.


Hard Numbers and Experts’ Insights on Migration to Evolved 3G and 4G Wireless. Detailed report available for purchase on the capabilities of 3G and evolved 3G networks, as well as OFDMA-based systems such as WiMAX. 2005.

Product Analysis: Wireless Devices – Strong Capabilities, Difficult Decisions. A detailed review of new smartphones, as well as PC Card modems for EDGE, 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO. Network Computing, 2005.

Secure Mobile Access Using SSL VPNs. White paper for Aventail on the benefits of using SSL VPNs to provide secure remote access for smartphones and PDAs. The paper also discusses how SSL VPNs can be optimized for these types of devices. 2005.

Data Capabilities: GPRS to HSDPA and Beyond. A comprehensive report published by 3G Americas on the capabilities of the GSM/UMTS family of technologies, including throughput, latency, spectral efficiency, radio methods and architecture. Contrasts are made with CDMA2000 and WiMAX technologies. 2005. (Later version available.)

Mobile Messaging Gateways. Cover story for Network Computing. Most companies have accepted that they must support wireless e-mail, but questions remain. Which employees need it, and on which devices? And, how can IT best manage, secure and support it? This article examines how effectively vendors have resolved the problems that hindered past deployments. 2005.

Secure Wireless Networking Using SSL VPNs. White paper for Aventail on the application of SSL VPNs for securing multiple forms of wireless connections, including Wi-Fi on site, hotspots and cellular data. 2005.


Forever Evolving. Cover story for Network Computing on 3G technology capabilities, deployments and application strategies. The article also covers technologies such as WiMAX and Flash OFDM. 2004.

Data Capabilities: GPRS to HSDPA. Detailed report on the data capabilities of GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA, including throughput, latency and spectral efficiency. 2004. (Later version available.)

UMTS for the Enterprise. White paper for AT&T Wireless on the capabilities of UMTS, evolution of capability, and enterprise adoption strategies. 2004.

Brush up on Bluetooth. Workshop on how Bluetooth works, technology trends, and how to use it. 2004.

Policing the Airwaves. Security analysis of PDAs and smartphones. 2004.

Device Drivers (Smartphones and Wireless PDAs). An analysis of new wireless platforms, technology capabilities, market drivers and application deployment. 2004.

UMTS Capabilities, Technology, and Applications. White paper for AT&T Wireless on UMTS capabilities, how the AT&T Wireless UMTS network operates, and considerations in developing and deploying applications. 2004.

Making the Smart Choice (Smartphone and Wireless PDA Platform Review). Details on the leading wireless platforms based on a Request for Information, covering Palm, RIM, Symbian and Windows Mobile. 2004.

Symbian Smartphones for the Enterprise. White paper about the of the role of smartphones in the enterprise and the advantages of the Symbian platform. Coauthored. 2004.


Wireless Instant Messaging: Propelling SMS and Desktop IM to the Next Level. An in-depth technology analysis and market study published by Datacomm Research on wireless messaging, including integration with desktop IM systems. 2003.

Developing Applications for Pocket PC and GPRS/EDGE. White paper for AT&T Wireless on considerations in developing wireless applications for the Pocket PC platform, including device type, connection management, power management, security, voice call control, SMS and SIM access, Bluetooth integration, software tools, programming considerations, and sample applications. Co-authored. 2003.

EDGE Capabilities, Technology, and Applications. White paper for AT&T Wireless about the capabilities of Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), how it works, and application development considerations. 2003.

Palm Wireless Application Development. White paper for AT&T Wireless about Palm device categories, connection management, native versus Web applications, security, power management, and other considerations. Coauthored. 2003.

Common Goals, Unique Strengths. A survey and analysis of the leading wireless hotspot operators. 2003.


Data Capabilities for GSM Evolution to UMTS. A detailed view of the data capabilities of GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and HSDPA, with quantitative comparisons. 2002. (Later version available.)

Wireless Nirvana. Details on GPRS and CDMA2000 1XRTT, including technology and rollouts. 2002.

Migrating from CDPD to GPRS. White paper for AT&T on how to migrate from CDPD to GPRS, including a technology comparison, software considerations, and integration and deployment considerations. 2002.

Voice Capacity Enhancements for GSM Evolution to UMTS. An in-depth paper on the mechanisms used in GSM to maximize voice capacity. 2002.

Wireless Data Networks Comparison. White paper for AT&T Wireless that compares GSM, GPRS, TIA/EIA-136, TIA-EIA-95, analog cellular, and Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Networks (iDEN). 2002.

Networking Standards and Wireless Networks. The role and relevance of networking standards in wireless networking. 2002.


Break Free with Wireless LANs. The dramatic advances and uptake of wireless LANs. 2001.

Public Wireless LANs: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies. A detailed analysis of the crucial role that WLAN technology will play in the deployment of next generation wireless services. 2001.

MMDS Struggles to Find a Foothold. The rollout pains of this broadband wireless technology. 2001.

Can MWIF Unify Cellular Protocols? Column about the Mobile Wireless Internet Forum. 2001.

M-Wallets: Not Ready Yet. Column about mobile wallets. 2001.

AT&T’s GSM Move Could Ignite U.S. Market. Column on the significance of AT&T’s GSM and GPRS plans. 2001.

Lessons from I-Mode. Column on why i-mode is so successful in Japan, and how to export the success. 2001.

E-Commerce Unleashed. Cover story for Network Computing on mobile commerce. 2001.

Mobile-Commerce ASPs Do the Legwork. An analysis of the platforms and service providers for mobile commerce. 2001.

Big Step to Mobile Payments. Column on new payment mechanisms introduced by Palm and Verifone. 2001.


Clear Signals for General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). How it works and latest developments with this important technology. 2000.

Connecting Fixed-End Systems to the AT&T Wireless IP Network. White paper for AT&T Wireless on how to connect fixed-end systems via Frame Relay or the Internet, as well as redundant connections, protocols, IP address management, and other details. 2000.

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): Untangling the Wireless Standard. A workshop on WAP, including how it works and its problems. 2000.

The Road to a Wireless Future. An updated roadmap of wireless data services. 2000.

Wireless Wonders Coming your Way. The latest on HiperLAN and Bluetooth. 2000.


AT&T Wireless IP Security. White paper on security for AT&T’s Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) network. 1999.

Broadband Wireless, Now Playing in Select Locations. High speed wireless for the local loop. 1999.

Satellite Services, Don’t Join the Space Race. The specialized business case for using satellites. 1999.

Managing Mobile Code. How to use handheld devices with wireless networks. 1999.

The Evolution of Cellular Data, On the Road to 3G. Data services for next-generation cellular networks. 1999.

Making the Case for Fixed-Wireless Technology. Using wireless technology to bridge networks. 1999.

Wireless IP, A Case Study. Real-world issues and solutions in deploying wireless data. 1999.

Wireless IP, Ready to Lift Off? The latest on wireless data in a mobile environment. 1999.

Wireless Broadband and Other Fixed-Wireless Systems. How these systems work and how to take advantage of them. 1998.

Planning and Implementing Wireless LANs. How wireless LANs work in detail, and how to use them. 1998.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). Details on this high speed packet data service for GSM networks. 1998.

Internet-To-Go, Now With Mobile IP. Progress report on Mobile IP and whether you should use it. 1997.

Wide Area Wireless Computing. A detailed survey of all the wide-area wireless networks. 1997.

Cellular Data Communications Made Easy. The ins and outs of data over analog cellular. 1997.

Making the Call with Two-Way Paging. Two way paging with details on SkyTel’s service. 1997.

Remote Computing. An in depth analysis of the benefits that TCP/IP brings to remote computing. 1996.

Message Middleware in a Wireless Environment. Featuring Oracle Mobile Agents. 1996.

Wireless Data Made to Order. An update on Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD). 1996.

On the Road to PCS. Data Services for Digital Cellular and PCS. 1996.

The ABCs of PCS. An explanation of the different forms of Personal Communications Services (PCS). 1994.