Peter Rysavy is active as a speaker. RysavyHeadshot1

Wireless Technology Association, October 25, 2017. Massive Broadband Network Densification – Unleashing the Opportunities of 5G. Organizer and panel moderator for full-day workshop.

Forbes Washington Bytes online chat with Hal Singer, Richard Bennett, and Jodi Beggs, September 22, 2017. The Dawn Of 5G: Will Wireless Kill the Broadband Star?

AT&T Policy Forum, ​Open N​etwork Automation Platform, June 27, 2017. Panel moderator. View event here.​

Podcast interview with Richard Bennett of High Tech Forum, How Title II Net Neutrality Undermines 5G, May 31, 2017.   High Tech Forum page with listening/download options.​
Listen to podcast here.

​IEEE 5G Summit, November 5, 2016. Panel Discussion: 5G Outlook, R&D, Standards, and Deployment.​  Panelist.

Wireless Technology Association, October 26, 2016. Smart Cities in the Age of 5G.​Organizer and panel moderator for full-day workshop.

TechFreedom Tech Policy Podcast, August 31, 2016. From 4G to 5G.
Listen to podcast here.

Wireless Technology Association, April 27, 2016.  Connected Wearable​ Computing. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Podcast Interview with Richard Bennett of High Tech Forum, March 2016.​ 5G: A Dynamic, Flexible Future Network.​
High Tech Forum page with listening/download options, Part 1.
High Tech Forum page with listening/download options, Part 2.
Listen to Part 1 podcast here.​

Listen to Part 2 podcast here.

​GSMA Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, February 25, 2016. LTE Network Diversity: LTE Unlicensed and Beyond.​ Panel moderator.

Wireless Technology Association, October 14, 2015. The Innovation and Engineering Dynamics of the Digital Economy: Economic Transformation and Expansion Enabled by 5G. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Gorge Technology Alliance, September 22, 2015. The Future of Mobile Broadband – 5G.​ Featured speaker.

PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show, April 29, 2015. The Cost of Deploying New Spectrum. Panel moderator.

Wireless Technology Association, April 22, 2015. Internet of Things and LTE-M. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, February 25, 2015. Engineers’ View of Network Management, Specialized Services, and Net Neutrality. Panelist.

Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business, February 24, 2015. Rewriting the Communications Act. Panelist.

Wireless Technology Association, October 29, 2014. Can Mobile Broadband Realize Its Full Potential – The Technology and Policy Paths to Massive Capacity Enhancement. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Progressive Policy Institute, October 28, 2014. Seizing the Mobile Moment: Policy Choices Facing the FCC and Why Consumers Should Pay Attention? Panelist.

Mobile Future Forum, September 18, 2014. Federal Spectrum: Incentives, Clearing, and Sharing. Panelist.

Portable Computer and Communications Association, June 17, 2014. New Wireless Services and Applications through Connectivity Management. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Portable Computer and Communications Association, March 18, 2014. Mobile Network and Device Virtualization. Organizer and moderator for full-day workshop.

Portable Computer and Communications Association (now Wireless Technology Association). Agendas for workshops from 2000 to 2015. Peter Rysavy was organizer and moderator for each of these full-day workshops.

Mobile Future Mobile Moment, October 2013. What a Spectrum Crunch Means for You.

Mobile Future Mobile Moment, October 2013. The Role of 4G in Our Wireless World.

Reinventors Network, October 23, 2013, Reinvent Spectrum’s Future. Spectrum Roundtable DiscussionPeter Rysavy speaking points.

Ruckus Big Dogs Wireless Conference, September 30 to October 2, 2013. Carrier Wi-Fi and Small Cells: What You Should Be Thinking About. Keynote presentation.

Interop Conference, Las Vegas, May 9, 2013. Wireless Everywhere: LTE and Beyond. 1-hour presentation.

Wireless Spectrum R&D Workshop, MIT, Apr 23, 2013. Mobile Broadband Spectrum Considerations. 30-minute presentation.

New York State Wireless Association, June 13, 2012. Keynote presentation.

Interop Conference, Las Vegas, May 9, 2012. LTE Update. 1-hour course.

AT&T Developer Program, March 2010. Guidelines for Delivering Streaming Services on AT&T’s Wireless Network. 1-hour webcast.

Bellevue, WA, Oct 2009. Mobile Broadband – Entering the 4G Decade. 1.5-hour session at IEEE Wireless Workshop.

AT&T Developer Program, June 2009. Mobile Web 2.0 Technologies. 1-hour webcast.

3G Americas, Dec 2008. EDGE, HSPA, LTE – Broadband Innovation. 1-hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, August 2008. Broadband Innovation – Applications for New Broadband Networks. 1-hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, June 2008, “Emerging Mobile Application Architectures,” 1 hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, March 2008, “Understanding Mobile Application Development Environments: Open Platforms, Tools, Capabilities, Developer Strategies,” 1 hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, Dec 2007, “Harnessing Mobile Middleware – Architectures, Functions and Integration,” 1 hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, Sep 2007. Best Practices for Mobile Application Development – Strategies, Considerations, and Techniques for Optimal Development. 1-hour webcast.

AT&T Developer Program, Apr 2007. How Enterprises Can Get Ready for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS): IMS Strategies and Application Development Approaches. 1-hour webcast.

Cingular Wireless Developer Program, Dec 2006. Optimal Use of VPNs Over Cellular Networks. 1-hour webcast.

Cingular Wireless Developer Program, Mar 2006. Cingular devCentral UMTS/HSDPA Overview. 1-hour webcast.

WiMAX World, Oct 2005. Evolution of Mobile Wireless Broadband. 1-hour presentation.

PalmSource Mobile Summit & DevCon 2005, May 2005. Palm OS Garnet Wireless Application Development. 1-hour presentation.

IEEE Wireless LAN Conference, 2002. Wireless LAN Business and Marketing Issues. 1-hour presentation.

IEEE Chapter Evening Presentation, 2001. Wireless Networking Advances – Setting Reasonable Expectations. 2-hour presentation.

Networld+Interop, 1994. Are Wireless LANs Secure? 1.5 hour presentation.

American Electronics Association, 1994. Engineering Network Breakfast. Personal Communications Services. Keynote presenter.

Wireless Datacomm Exposition and Conference, 1992. Wireless Connectivity to the Enterprise Network. Panelist.