Rysavy Research Spectrum Sharing Insights and Resources

Most current, annotated slide deck on spectrum sharing. Feb 2023.

Annotated slide deck on basic concepts of spectrum sharing. May 2022.

Annotated slide deck on advanced spectrum sharing concepts. May 2022.

Lessons Learned from the CBRS Spectrum Experiment. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining how CBRS has taught us that spectrum sharing remains extremely difficult and current solutions are not general purpose. 2022.

No Magic Spectrum Sharing Solutions. Article for Fierce Wireless analyzing DOD RFI responses for dynamic spectrum sharing and implications for spectrum policy. 2021.

DoD’s Proposed 5G Spectrum Sharing Fraught with Problems. Article for Fierce Wireless explaining the multiple problems associated with the Department of Defense’s proposed 5G spectrum sharing plan. 2020.

Bad Idea of Nationalized 5G Network Put to Rest. Article for Fierce Wireless about the multitude of problems with a nationalized 5G network. 2019.