Creative Writing

Peter Rysavy also writes creatively, separate from professional writing for Rysavy Research.

Stories and books include:

Wave Direction. Some scientists now believe time is completely different from how we experience it. Joe, a Google engineer, has just had a painful breakup and is disillusioned with his life. He decides to clear his head during a vacation to Hawaii by learning to surf . There he meets an extraordinary woman who not only surfs but is learning to harness time’s real nature. Approximately 4,700 words. Story posted on Wattpad.

Mountain Bike Ride to Hell. What are the worst possible things that could happen to somebody on a mountain-bike ride in a remote area, such as high on Mt. St. Helens in Washington? This story is based on an actual ride with fictional enhancement. Approximately 11,000 words. 16 photos from the actual ride. Story posted on Wattpad.

Fire and Eclipse. A fire in a canyon next to my home in Hood River during a recent summer almost got out of control to set the town ablaze. This non-fiction story captures the experience, moment by moment. Approximately 1,400 words. Story published by the environmental organization, Columbia Insight.

Troll Kingdom. Dan Fellinger is a security consultant recruited to be an expert witness to help defend a company being sued for patent infringement by an unscrupulous “troll” company. The case goes to trial at a turbulent stage of Dan’s life and the pressure of testifying intensifies exponentially when nothing is as it seems and forces tempt him to take his involvement in a completely unexpected direction. Adding to Dan’s dilemmas: an impossible romance that poses a legal conflict-of-interest, and the smartphone encryption technology at the heart of the case has drawn in the FBI. Completed fourth draft of novel. Approximately 91,000 words. Currently soliciting agents to assist in publication. Contact me for details.